Why choose FFGI

Story 1

A brick factory owner from Morocco said: “every four years we have to stop brick-making for nearly a whole month to replace the worn-out tiles made of ordinary PPGI(color coated steel plates) because of a large number of sulfides produced by burning bricks accelerating the aging of tiles….” But now with FFGI plates, we don't need to stop production for at least10 years. Although the price is a little more expensive, the comprehensive cost has been reduced by more than 60%

Story 2

ShouGang, a famous Chinese steel maker who are proud of her high quality color coated steel plate, what made their mind to apply FANGXING’s FFGI plate on their latest anticorrosion workshop instead of their own PPGI plate? Because they know very well that, although PVDF color coating plate can be used for 50 years under normal conditions, it may not be able to stand for five years under strong corrosive environment, because this method of surface painting has inherent defects, that is, when the water gradually evaporates, tiny holes will be formed on the surface, which will become the source of erosion