Fangxing Building Materials Co., Ltd

Founded in 1987, Fang Xing has always been committed to the research and development of lightweight building materials for roofs and walls. The products have been continuously updated, and the production technology has been improved, leading the healthy development of the industry.

In 2002, the synthetic resin tiles successfully developed by Fangxing and GE sold well at home and abroad, occupying the leading position in the domestic "flat-to-slope" market, and pioneered the Chinese resin tile industry. In 2015, Fangxing successfully developed a plastic-steel clad corrosion-resistant board that has the excellent performance of resin plates and metal plates. It is widely used in corrosive industries and coastal areas such as smelting, electrolysis, forging, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, printing and dyeing, and breeding. A complete solution is provided for solving the anti-corrosion problem of modern industrial plants.

"Fangyuan has a way, and is prosperous because of specialization." Fang Xing always adheres to the business principles of honesty and trustworthiness, follows the business philosophy of focus and professionalism, adhering to the concept of continuous innovation, self-transcendence, and always keeping one step ahead of the others. It shoulders the corporate mission of creating value for customers, creating profits for shareholders, and creating future for employees.

On the road to professional development, we continue to seek and work hard.

1987 - 1992:
Fangxing company was established, producing magnesium roof sheet. By 1992,
Fangxing have built 5 branches around China.
1990 - 1997:
Fangxing started to produce corrugated roof tile,
being one of the biggest suppliers till now.
1998 - 2002:
Technology innovation and product diversification.
2003 - PRESENT:
Promote roofing products around the world.
Cooperate with re-seller,
distributor and building materials supermarket.